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What is Scapula winging and what 3 easy exercises you can do to fix it

What is scapula winging?

It is a condition where the shoulder blade (scapula) protrudes outward and appears to be “winging” away from the back. This can cause a visible abnormal shoulder and can also lead to functional issues with shoulder movement.

showing right scapula winging. scapula is protruding out
Winging of the right shoulder blade

What is the cause?

One of the most common causes is a muscle imbalance between the muscles that control the scapula and the muscles that control the shoulder joint, in particular the serratus anterior muscle. When the muscles that move the scapula are weak or impaired, the scapula may protrude outward and appear to be “winging.” This can be caused by a variety of factors, including muscle injuries, nerve injuries, or imbalances in muscle strength. It may be present at birth, while in most cases it may develop over time due to injury or other underlying conditions.

Exercises for Scapula Winging

Treatment for winging of the scapula typically involves physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that control the scapula and improve the overall function of the shoulder joint.

A key exercise to do is straight arm push ups which help with strengthening of the serratus anterior

Posture correction : Improving posture can help to correct it and improve shoulder function. Physiotherapists may teach patients specific techniques to help improve their posture and reduce the risk of the scapula to protrude.

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