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What can physio do for my back pain?

Physiotherapists will do a thorough assessment of your injury to find the cause of your back pain, from there we develop a plan to treat the condition. The treatment plan can involve specific exercises, joint mobilisation, soft tissue manipulation, working with other health professionals and more

Can physios refer for an MRI?

No, we cannot. However we can refer you to a specialist, and it will be determined by them whether or not an MRI is required

How do I become a physiotherapist in NZ?

You’ll need to study a 4 year health science based degree in physiotherapy from one of the following schools:

More recently Auckland University is offering a postgraduate pathway

Can Physios prescribe medication in NZ?

No we cannot. However some physios may offer advice for over the counter medication when it is safe to do so.

Is your clinic a Southern Cross Health provider?

Yes we are. We would need your Southern Cross policy number, full name and date of birth to check if it covers Physiotherapy treatment

Do we accept Careway referrals?

Yes, we do. This will only be available at our Newmarket Broadway & Mount Wellington clinic.

I have an uncomfortable feeling at the upper end of my back (in between my shoulder blades) due to some mild scoliosis (I suspect), especially after waking up and moving around. Two questions: 1) Would physiotherapy fix / help my mild scoliosis issue, and how long would it take to fix? 2) Would this potentially be covered by ACC?

  1. Physiotherapy can help more with mild scoliosis when the cause is of a functional origin (e.g. muscle imbalance, poor posture). If it’s structural (changes within each spinal segment) then treatment is more based on management and exercises as we cannot reverse the structural change.
  2. ACC only covers accident related injuries.

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