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3 Simple Exercises to Improve your Grip for Bouldering

Bouldering, growing in popularity

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that consists of short climbs, the walls are set a specified height with thick crash pads at the bottom to keep everyone safe. The climbs are designed by route setters to challenge your physical strength and problem solving skills. In recent years it’s become a growing sport, it’s easy to get started and fun for all ages and abilities.

Bouldering is easy to get started, you don’t need much gear.

Bouldering is a simple and accessible form of rock climbing. You don’t need a partner, rope or harness to get started. Just grab a pair of shoes, head to your closest bouldering centre. Here in Auckland there’s Northern Rocks & Boulder Co

Improving your forearm and grip strength for better climbs

For beginners once you start climbing you’ll notice how quickly your forearms, hands and fingers fatigue. This is because our body isn’t use to putting our body weight onto those smaller muscles in our upper body. Therefore here are 3 simple exercises you can do to help improve your climb.

  1. Plate Pincer Grip hold – 3 x 15 seconds (time can vary depending on individual strength)
holding onto plate for pincer grip

2. Wide grip dumbbell hold 3 x 15 seconds

wide grip dumbbell training for bouldering

3. Dead hang


It’s easy to see why bouldering is growing in popularity. It requires little equipment, it involves problem solving and physical exercise.

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