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Triumph Physio Sports and Strength In Collaboration with Habitat for Fitness

Located at 52 Remuera Road Newmarket

Every sport has a different movement pattern and different physical demand on the body. Therefore a different approach is required to each athlete to get better results. We are dedicated to the understanding of movement and demand required in your sport to tailor the rehabilitation to your needs.

The goal for rehabilitation is to get you back functionally to where you were prior to injury. This can be measured through tests like vertical jump height, broad jump distance, dynamic balance etc. Being more focused on the performance and having access to equipment to carry out the tests we have a better understanding on when you can return to sports safely.

Prevention is key for all sports. Hence why reducing the risk of injury will help you perform better and keep you in your game longer. Injuries can occur as a result of weakness or imbalance away from the injured site (e.g. poor bio-mechanics or control of the hips can lead to knee pain). Therefore we prevent injuries from re-occurring by a thorough assessment, patient education and treatment.

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